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  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know that my wheel is back and the vibration is gone, I need to take it for a long ride to give it a proper test but I think it has been sorted. The problem was the screws holding the inner case to the pedal pillar were loose and caused vibrations when leaning to the right, these have now been loctited and tightened.
  2. Thanks for your advice guys, I spoke with Afeez at e-rides who spoke with King Song who suggested updating the firmware from 1.05 (which is what I wanted to keep) to 1.07. I updated it which smoothed things out somewhat but I could still feel the vibration and the sensation of something loose inside the wheel housing. I spoke to Afeez at e-rides who has recommended it be sent to a guy called Roberto Guerra based in London who runs a repair workshop for electric unicycles. UPS have collected the whhel and it should be with Roberto tomorrow. I am also of the mindset to try and fi
  3. Hi, Here is a link to the video: I hope I'm not breaking any ruk
  4. Hey mrelwood, I just shot some video of the vibration, I was walking with it with a friend earlier this morning over normal bumps in the road and it was vibrating then as well, I just shot some video of the vibration which is pretty bad, had to persuade it to do it but it is definitely not normal. I will upload asap
  5. Hi guys, First of all just want to say a big HI to everybody and Happy New Year! I am new to the site and I was kind of foolish not to sign up to this forum when I purchased my first electric unicycle back in the summer which was a Ninebot Z6, but I have had no issues with that wheel and it has taken some tumbles. The problem is with my King Song 16X which I have only had since the start of November (bought from E Rides here in the UK) It has only recently been suffering from a weird vibration problem which comes and goes, it is most noticeable if I run the wheel back and forth or when
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