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Opinions on Airwheel's C5 Helmet please:

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I really want one because it has so many features that actually makes it real easy to use all the time. Even the sound system does not disable ambient noise. So I won't miss out on a hazard because I couldn't hear it. Is there a competing helmet that has a chin guard? Is there a way to install a chin guard? What kind of helmet does Hsaing wear? I really like that it has an open face and a chin guard, but I don't think it can also play music and answer the phone and take videos. What are your opinions on the C5 helmet?

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Hi, i use my C5 since a long time now, it's great but for the look and front face protection, it's not the best.

It's very great for listen music (Spotify for music, podcasts, radio, reply for phone) and with Euc World sound for security alarms and receive notifications from your gps (Komoot).

For the camera, quality is not enough but it's work.

Battery life is very good for sound but if you use camera, battery died very fast for quality not the best.

You can heard outside sound.





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Thanks @BondZero07 , being able to listen to music and be able to hear cars behind me is important. Also, if my phone rings, being able to quickly and easily answer the call without fumbling electronics is also very important. I actually like the look of the helmet because it's non-intimidating. I think it will probably be a very easy helmet to live with, now to solve the chin guard issue.

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