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  1. Very great the range for the V11 with Bluetooth 5, i always wait my deliveryyyyyyyyyy Thanks for the info Seba !!! ;-)
  2. Nobody can help me and reply ? I use a 360 One R and search something for fix my cam during my ride but I’m not sure that the Muvi backpack work with my camera. Inside the bag, there is enough space for take something or it’s just for hide fixation ? I see 2 pockets, but the little seem very little and the second big one receipt the bar ...
  3. My Pebble watch with magnet band work above my wristguard, for this evening i take a photo :-) The advantage that the InMotion watch work without phone, is a good deal but not very important because who go ride without his phone ? It’s more secure to call somebody if necessary ... Without a killer function, it’s not enough but i hope i made a mistake.
  4. This information afraid me for S18 users because a lot of them buy S18 for look - suspension and hardcore ride / off-road ... then not safe at all for this use. It’s a hardware problem with no software solution ... :-(
  5. Nice but with lcd or oled display i kept my Pebble watch with E-ink ... just the InMotion watch work without phone but no gps i think then it’s not enough for my use. But maybee, InMotion make a surprise and kill the game with big new things in the watch. I wait the news ! ;-)
  6. I think the watch work also with other wheels and not only InMotion ? It’s a mistake for me or not ? Buttons for horn and light work also with Pebble watch and EUC World. If the screen from InMotion watch is not E-ink, it’s not for me ... and for tracking without GPS inside the watch, i must use my phone then not a bid deal.
  7. Thanks for your reply, If this month or next month for powerpads and seat, it’s very great and fast ... i search photos but always nothing available anywhere. I hope a seat enough high and not to low. I wish Bluetooth speakers and maybee leds but leds is not very essential ... For the watch, it’s seem to bee a lcd screen or oled, i wish an E-link like Pebble for permanent on and big long time use. Now, with my Z10 i use EUC World and my Pebble, it’s very very great !
  8. I wait my V11 for delivery to Belgium ... i hope for 20 - 25 September ... fingers crossed ! ;-) For optionals Powerpads, Bluetooth speakers, Seat and Leds from InMotion ... some news - photos and videos ???
  9. Hi, what’s the prize for each upgrade and special discount if i buy all of this ? How much and how many time for ship to Belgium ? Could you also create an upgrade that keep foot on the pedal when jump ? For InMotion V11 could you create the same ?
  10. Thanks, I’ve receipt the code for freeshipping with your idea but not possible with ONEWHEEL, then it’s freeshipping or discount 5 dollars but not the 2 in same time.
  11. Then if i’ve good understand (sorry for my english), InMotion never lock the wheel and only official app doesn’t work. If by mistake i open the official app from InMotion, no lock. But no access to calibration and some options ... i’m a premium member of EUC World with full access like AVAS ... With this app, i can access all options of the V11 or not ? Calibration OK, mode transport desactivated ... ?
  12. Fast charge during ride possible or not ? Work only with KingSong (S18 for exemple) or also InMotion (V11 ...) ?
  13. For Insta 360 One R, it’s work also ? I search a backpack hands free but with the options that i can turn the angle of view around me in live during the ride ...
  14. I search Audi E-Tron, Porsche Taycan and K2000 (Knight Rider - Kit K2000) ... where can in find this 3 packs of sound for AVAS ? Thanks for tour help ?
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