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Hey everyone,


Putting this Lazrolling Performance Hoodie up for sale. It's great for "invisible" protection when riding your EUC.


It has built-in pads to absorb the shock from hitting the pavement and kevlar lining on the inside.


In comparison to the regular Armored Hoodie from Lazyrolling, this hoodie is made of much thinner material that allows air to blow right through, which makes it super comfortable to wear during the summer.


The hoodie is from 2020, however I'm unsure about to what speeds it's certified for. I will say, as long as it's only used for EUC, I wouldn't be worried the slightest.


The hoodie is size EXTRA LARGE, which fits me pretty well when wearing a sweatshirt underneath, otherwise the pads are a bit too loose for my liking. I usually wear size LARGE clothing, but the arms and stomach was too short with that size for this hoodie. I'm only about 80 kg though, so if you're a larger person with normal length arms, I'm sure this will fit you great.


With the hoodie, there are two sets of pads included. One set of level 1 and one set of level 2. I prefer the level 2 pads :)


It's located in Denmark, however I will ship to mostly anywhere in the world at buyers cost. 


I'd like to get €100 for everything, however offers are much welcome.







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