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  1. @Steven Koziol lol I can see myself in you I also had (have) an esk8 and got an euc. Also the nikola, 84v though. I use mine almost daily and it's my daily commuter. Best decision in a really long time so far. I rebuilt mine just to make it even nice (imo) and hopefully waterproof, but the stock version seems to be pretty good. Just make sure the price is right and how old it is. If it's old, then you might consider just getting a new one, because Gotway sometimes make small changes to the PCB or other things. They're usually just minor things though... Also depends on price if it's really worth the upgrade then.
  2. @Shad0z recommended me to get a sleeping pad and cover the whole wheel while learning. I did that and dropped the wheel quite a few times, but nothing happened. I also have the Nikola. Just make sure to get a sleeping pad that feelsl likeit can take some hits. Good luck learning
  3. I have this Eva foam almost anywhere. I've had a few smaller crashes and so far it still looks good. I also covered the handle with foam. Make sure to also Velcro the handle down https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/2xhX7XHm
  4. @atdlzpae THIS. If someone at work or someone I had conversation with asks, I always say the price. But random peeps, no no no....
  5. This thread is awesome! So much fun reading. Not really the best reactions but just reactions. Once I was riding down a road (funny enough lol) and passed a man and a woman. After I passed them, I heard the lady say "whaaat theeee fuuuuck". I couldn't stop laughing lol. I have also had the usual "how much does it cost", which I totally understand why they'd ask, but hella uncomfortable when it's literally the one and only thing they ask. Last time I acted like I was thinking and once the light signal turned green I said "whoops, im sorry. Light is green" and rode off. I have also had one of those wtf momemts where you start to feel like you are being follow. I had a guy (and probably wife and children) drive next to me for a kilometer or so. In a light signal he was about to go in the turn-right-lane just to get right next to me EVEN THOUGH HE HAD TO GO STRAIGHT. Someone came a blocked his way though. Whenever there was nothing blocking his way, he drove onto the parking spots right next to me. Then at one point I got eye contact with him and he looked really angry and didn't say a thing or do something with his arms. Guess it was his children that wanted to see what I was riding. I ended up taking a sharp turn down a road where I could escape on an only-bike road. That was weird... Then there is also people at work. I feel like there are three types of people. 1. The one who doesn't seem to look and doesn't say a single word about it but probably thinks "wtf". (I feel a bit awkward when working with those...) 2. The one who looks weird but doesn't say a thing. (a bit more awkward lol) 3. The one "ohh what is that" and seem interested. (Those are usually really nice if they do actually find it interesting)
  6. I have this. https://www.lazyrolling.com/products/2019-armored-hoodie-by-lazyrolling I really like it and it's keeps me decent hot. Also very stealth look. I have the version I linked to, but the 2020 version should also be absolutely fine. Just remember to buy the pads that their also selling
  7. I use a mirror and it's amazing. Definitely recommend! I live in Copenhagen and riding in the bike Lanes with tons of bikes would be a pain having to turn my head every time. I also think it helps prevent accidents because it's easier to look up than turning your whole body and might losing a bit of balance. It sucks a little because it sticks out from the helmet quite a bit though (harder to store), but it's just something you have to get used to.
  8. Hey I didn't order from them. I ended up ordering from wheel tech store instead. In my experience they have great sales service but after-sale service is not really the best... I would probably still recommended them since you get a good product and they're legit. Gotway also stopped supplying the Nikola in white so you'll unfortunately be getting an older version... Please also open your wheel once you get it to make sure you got the upgraded mosfets. I never got a reply from them..
  9. How do you even manage to ride all these wheels lol I guess you use the wheels at the top rag the least
  10. Hey everyone! Starting this thread because I was interested in how people store their EUC? I'll start off. Just made this stand. Time will tell how good it is. If it breaks, then I'll most likely just put it against the wall or make a new stand. Let the party of inspiration begin!
  11. @chrisjunlee wow.... you are really damn unlucky. I feel really sorry for you... First the Nikola, then 16x... Do you have any other wheels to ride?
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