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  1. I don't think this specific case was a tubeless tire. I think it was a tire with a tube that had slime in it. That would at least make the most sense to me, as otherwise I don't see how they could have used the wheel without the rim already being completely eaten up. However I can confirm that it does affect our rims. I've uploaded a photo of my rim. It has some discoloration quite a lot of places. Like you said, I also think it must be in long-term contact with the rim before it starts to eat away the aluminium. No idea how it has gotten to my rim though, but it happen. Should probably mention that I can't confirm 100% it has been caused by the slime, but I don't see any other options.
  2. I would probably not recommend to use Tube Sealant from Slime in your tubes. I would look for alternatives. I have been in contact with Slime and have gotten confirmed that the sealant can damage unfinished rims which most of our EUC's are. I'll throw in the email for you to read the answer yourself I use the Tube Sealant myself and have notice the my rim has gotten slight discoloration some places. This is the sealant I contacted slime about: https://shop.slime.com/collections/tube-and-tubeless-sealants/products/tube-sealant-16-oz-2-bikes?variant=45263496904&fbclid=IwAR0BDJZq59G7pbmpP3otN4enjKMHQodl45-aFxXIUsGv1ef1CnC58_OLnWM Here is an example of how bad it can get. It's not an EUC, but the rim is made of aluminium like most of our rims.
  3. Stop riding and open the side panels You gotta go ahead and get a multimeter... This can be really unreliable.
  4. He shouldn't even be riding before he has identified what the issue is.
  5. DONT DO THAT (yet)! you're gonna go ahead get get the batteries out of balance, and that's gonna mess with it even more... It will be fixable, but atm it's just not worth to mess with...
  6. I think you messed something up when you installed the new motor and control board. Just my initial thought. Would you be able to post quite A LOT of pictures of all the wiring. The more detailed the better. You'll probably also have to measure the output voltage from your charger (NOT CHARGE PORT ON THE EUC!), BUT BE VERY FUCKING CAREFUL! It can very easily be messed up if you short the charger and we do NOT want that to happen. Please just be careful and give everything an extra thought.
  7. Not saying the "primitive contraption" is mine, but it might be While I'm at it
  8. It got too much theory for me, still thought I'd give my 2 cents. I have a Gotway Nikola 84V 1600wh. I love it. I've done quite a lot of modifications to it and the stock tire unfortunately only lasts about 3k km IMO. I use it as my commuter. I ride it to work (5 km each way), and I don't encounter any places I can't ride. Curbs are no problem. I used to ride it to school (13 km each way) through city traffic and neither did I not encounter any places I couldn't ride. If I were to buy my first EUC at this point, I'd probably have chosen the nikola 100V 1800Wh because I'd love some more speed and the comfort on the nikola is fantastic IMO. I have also tried the msx, but I didn't feel that comfy on it (maybe because it wasn't optimized for me and I didn't have enough time to get used to it. It's smaller in terms of hight than the Nikola, so my knees just kinda hangs in the air, where on the Nikola, my knees is against the side and I use them to turn. I'm 180cm), but if I did so, I'd probably consider it (Msx 100v or MSP. MSP due to head light and powerful motor etc. And msx 100v for speed.) Since I think im a performance and speed guy, I'd 99% go with Gotway. I know there are other brands out here with great performance, I just feel like Gotway might push the wheel a bit more and is easier to do modifications to, if you're into that. They make some pretty good wheels IMO, however I definitely recommend taking your EUC apart and upgrading everything that can be upgraded there is room for upgrades Also, pads are key to feeling comfy on a EUC and being able to do jumps without falling off.
  9. I've heard about one guy who's front panel died from riding in very light rain. As far as I remember, he got somewhat the same issue. A new front panel fixed the issue.
  10. @Steven Koziol lol I can see myself in you I also had (have) an esk8 and got an euc. Also the nikola, 84v though. I use mine almost daily and it's my daily commuter. Best decision in a really long time so far. I rebuilt mine just to make it even nice (imo) and hopefully waterproof, but the stock version seems to be pretty good. Just make sure the price is right and how old it is. If it's old, then you might consider just getting a new one, because Gotway sometimes make small changes to the PCB or other things. They're usually just minor things though... Also depends on price if it's really worth the upgrade then.
  11. @Shad0z recommended me to get a sleeping pad and cover the whole wheel while learning. I did that and dropped the wheel quite a few times, but nothing happened. I also have the Nikola. Just make sure to get a sleeping pad that feelsl likeit can take some hits. Good luck learning
  12. I have this Eva foam almost anywhere. I've had a few smaller crashes and so far it still looks good. I also covered the handle with foam. Make sure to also Velcro the handle down https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/2xhX7XHm
  13. @atdlzpae THIS. If someone at work or someone I had conversation with asks, I always say the price. But random peeps, no no no....
  14. This thread is awesome! So much fun reading. Not really the best reactions but just reactions. Once I was riding down a road (funny enough lol) and passed a man and a woman. After I passed them, I heard the lady say "whaaat theeee fuuuuck". I couldn't stop laughing lol. I have also had the usual "how much does it cost", which I totally understand why they'd ask, but hella uncomfortable when it's literally the one and only thing they ask. Last time I acted like I was thinking and once the light signal turned green I said "whoops, im sorry. Light is green" and rode off. I have also had one of those wtf momemts where you start to feel like you are being follow. I had a guy (and probably wife and children) drive next to me for a kilometer or so. In a light signal he was about to go in the turn-right-lane just to get right next to me EVEN THOUGH HE HAD TO GO STRAIGHT. Someone came a blocked his way though. Whenever there was nothing blocking his way, he drove onto the parking spots right next to me. Then at one point I got eye contact with him and he looked really angry and didn't say a thing or do something with his arms. Guess it was his children that wanted to see what I was riding. I ended up taking a sharp turn down a road where I could escape on an only-bike road. That was weird... Then there is also people at work. I feel like there are three types of people. 1. The one who doesn't seem to look and doesn't say a single word about it but probably thinks "wtf". (I feel a bit awkward when working with those...) 2. The one who looks weird but doesn't say a thing. (a bit more awkward lol) 3. The one "ohh what is that" and seem interested. (Those are usually really nice if they do actually find it interesting)
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