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Question about tire pressure for street tire mten4


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I took this from the mten4 thread. Since this is a tire section of the forum I thought I'd repost it here if anyone would like to help.


Question about tire pressure on the street tire I have for the mten4:

In the attached picture below it reads on the side of the tire "MAX LOAD 190kg(418LBS) AT 350kpa(50p.s.i)"

I was a little confused wondering if it meant the tire is recommended max 50psi? Usually, on tires it'll give you a range of psi with a max psi clearly indicated.

What exactly does the 50psi mean in this instance? Does this mean that this tire is recommending a MAX PSI of 50psi?


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I read it as: when the tire is at 50 psi, the max load is 418 lbs. Which implies that it can accept 50 psi and shouldn't burst or otherwise fail if you put 418 lbs on it at that pressure.

But 50 psi is a lot of pressure for a cheap tire on a cheap rim, and 418 lbs probably exceeds what the axel and pedals and hangers can reliably support, so I'd run it lower pressure myself. It'll be more comfortable as a side benefit, 50 psi would be a rock!

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