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EUC covers for Bus/Train/Boat travel.

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Hi all, 

Not sure if anyone made a proper EUC cover yet, however, in Europe from my experience and in Asia based on Roger Underhill it seems like for public transport a cover is a requirement for folding bikes and EUCs (to avoid damage to other people/luggage).


Roger used an improvised black trash bag, not bad. On the EX20S. 



I used an Amazon large suitcase cover on my EX20S. 



The problem is that since the tire sticks out from the body, mostly on the front (on the back the kickstand helps keep the fabric away from the tire), then the fabric gets caught on the tire and the cover can get ripped while trolleying, I got mine ripped a bit by accident. 

I guess there must be some material that could be stuck to the fabric where the tire just slides on it, doesn't grip it. That would be ideal. Other options would be like half a bottle covering the tire permanently or something, like a hard front mudguard properly installed, but that just makes an Inmotion V13 not be able to be put on the front as kickstand, for example. 

Any ideas? 

Who knows, I may need to take a boat/train daily on a commute in the future, with the wheel haha. If too far or not possible to go all the way on EUC (over a lake/river). 


Offtopic: I'm actually selling my EX20S for 1993€ since I ordered a V13, for anyone interested, details 


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