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Day 4


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Ok I can get on and off the unicycle np now. I think the issue is keeping my weight forward on the pedals to keep momentum while mounting and then to keep the weight on the foot on the unicycle and that to put more weight once the other foot is on. I just realized I am more focused on mounting than actually moving. Once I am on I evenly distribute the weight for balance instead of focusing on moving forward. So let's hope this realization will bear some fruit once I get home.

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Kuji Rolls and Wrong Way recommend using support to mount and launch to learn to ride before doing free mounts. For some riders free mount isn't the main issue, but it is more tiring if the rider is constantly bailing and restarting while learning.

Another factor is the speed and enough room to ride at speed for a bit. If riding in a straight line, the 16X should become stable at around 6 mph or so, and not require many balance corrections.  I started off in a tennis court, which was too small, and switched to a long outdoor parking lot on the second day after a short session on the tennis court, using the two trash bin enclosures for supported mount and launch, which are over 550 feet apart, allowing for 40+ second rides at 8 to 10 mph. This allowed me to learn proper tilt steering (inner foot down, outer foot up).


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