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CNC or Die Cast pedals


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CNC is stronger and a friends diecast did fail, from repeated abuse, not a single incident

however I’m not sure that the Gotway CNC pedals are actually CNC’d from a billet like Hextech or Clark

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From YT vids/comments, I know BTimes broke his RS pedal(s) after a while and Mike Leahy had something break while casing a BIG jump, can't remember if it was the pedal itself or shearing the pedal axle shaft. But these guys are sending it big and and frequently off jumps and drops, and have plenty of wrecks to show for it.

So like Trevor said, they were structural fails definitely from repeated hard use. Your average rider is probably going to be just fine with the cast pedals if they don't choose to upgrade.

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11 hours ago, Robse said:

Die Cast breaks - CNC bends - correct?

Die cast breaks, but CNC can break too - a lot depends on choosing the correct material, heat treat, and machining it correctly. A solid block of aluminium isnt equally strong in all directions, it depends on how it was forged/rolled. It works just like a piece of wood that has different kinds of strenght depending on how the grain is oriented versus the load/force it has to bear. One of the main issues of cheap and shitty CNC work is not paying attention to that, it is just for looks and bling effect.

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