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Kingsong S18 dead after small crash

Robert van den Berg

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Made a little crash. Video 1. After this, it didn't start anymore. When i attach it to the power adapter the indicator remains green. The white starts flashing. The wheel makes a strange noise if I move the wheel. If turn it on, it starts for 1 second and then shuts down. After this, the wheel moves free until the light starts flickering. Then the wheel makes this strange rattling noise again. Video 2. 
I bought the wheel at https://micromobilitylife.com/ in April this year. Try to contact them but no response. Thanks, Robert.


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Sounds to me like you have a bad battery pack. Broken nickel strip is my guess. Easy to do with a hard enough impact to the side of the S18 Packs.

However, I have never encountered the flashing light issue. 

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Similar issue happened to me twice.

Small crash and dead wheel. Strange light flashing pattern when charger contented and start button pressed (not exactly as yours).

I disconnected all batteries, discharge capacitors, connect batteries again, connect charger and voila!

I have no explanation for this behaviour, but it worked for me both times..


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