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MCM5 v2 makes nosies after hard stop or acceleration.


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Hi all I recently purchased a MCM5 v2. After I load up the wheel it makes grinding noises and vibrates until I stop and turn it off and on again, this seems to happen more easily as the battery goes down. I find myself having to do a reset a coupld times every outing usually after going up a curb or something, it's gett annoying. I have an open dispute with the seller but they seem to be in no hurry to resolve it. Has anyone else had this happen? would a mainboard swap fix it? Are the mainboards the same for the mcm5v1 and v2? Any help would be great.

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Is this a new wheel purchased from an authorised reseller? That would be helpful to include in your post. If yes, your warranty should be a full year, so send them the video and ask for their opinion.

My MCM5v2 had similar sounds after purchase in January, so I made a couple videos and emailed them to eWheels. This was their response:


For the question about the motor noise at low RPM, such as when rocking back-and-forth, this is perfectly normal, all Wheels have this behaviour to some extent. It's more pronounced with these Begodes, relates to motor power, magnet spacing, once you get some more movement the sound dissipates.

If your MCM is new, I suspect it is just new-Gotway-motor noise and will go away. Today, 1000+miles later, the noise in my wheel has faded and is no longer a concern.

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