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New York City KS18xl

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$900 obo

Up for sale is my beloved Kingsong 18xl. I purchased it back in 2019 from eWheels and have put 1460 miles on it riding through Manhattan and Brooklyn. I stuck to bike paths and rarely rode in the rain.

The wheel is in good shape as I haven't crashed it much at all (probably less than 10 times total), but I would like to point out that two of my crashes were at around 20-25 mph. The first crash was up a hill, so the wheel only received minor scratches. The second crash was on level ground and skipped the wheel about 20 feet. In this crash it broke off the debris flap. Despite this the wheel has ZERO issues and feels great. No wobble or sketchiness of any kind.

I'm selling this because I thought I would ride it more often, but in the last year I bought a road bike and have fallen in love with that form of transportation. 

As for the yellowish stuff covering the LED light covers that is the remnants of stick-on foam that I used to protect the wheel as I learned. It can definitely come off, but I just don't care enough to do that myself, lol.

It has no major issues and runs flawlessly.

Original charger included.

Any questions are welcome, and I can produce more pictures/video upon request.

The following links are from a google drive showing each side of the unicycle.



Here's a short YouTube video showing it working and the tire's tread: (1) the 18xl 1 - YouTube


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Here's the selling position of the wheel at the moment:

I have someone local who has offered to buy it on the 29th for full price. If the sale falls through it is still available full price.

A person from this forum has offered $800 for it if it doesn't sell in 1.5 weeks.

Please do make offers if interested. First person to pay full price gets it :)

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