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  1. Such an app wouldn't be too difficult to write... Maybe this year I'll find some time and write one that tracks authority-activity. I'm sure there are many programmers on this forum that could do the same thing in a weekend! Anyone?
  2. I hope it is okay that i'm resurrecting this thread... I've noticed that at lower psi I can maintain high speed over bumps. I originally used my 18xl at the recommended psi but hadn't noticed the pressure drop down to 26 over the past couple months. At 26 psi I can maintain near 30mph speed over bumps that would send me flying at a recommended (or even lower) psi. Today, after reading this thread, I moved the psi up to 45 before going on a 15 mile ride. I still had a good time but my legs are noticeably wobblier as I had to use my legs as suspension over the many bumps on the trail I ride. I still had a good time but the lower psi allows for almost fearless riding. I want to go back to a lower psi but I'm concerned that I may damage the rim... I only weight 150lbs. Do any of you weight similar to myself and also use lower psi in your tire? I'm curious if you've actually damaged your rim or if that's only in rare/serious circumstances.
  3. Hello all: I ride the Hudson River Greenway almost daily on my 18xl and have noticed that the park Rangers are increasing their presence on the trail. Fortunately, I have only found them posting at the two locations noted in the picture below. The Northern location is where their office/public restroom is located. At this spot they were posted on the pedestrian-only path. The Southern location is at the bottom of a long ramp that connects Riverside Blvd to the park and Pier Cafe below. I was zooming Northbound towards the Cafe when I noticed them posted ahead. A couple Rangers also noticed me and began to move to block the way and confront me. At about 50 yards I immediately slowed, turned and booked it back into the opposite direction. I know how important it is to avoid that first confrontation! The rest of trail going North is completely clear. Good luck and keep safe!
  4. I know that sentiment so well but I bought the 18xl anyways . I was watching a Youtube video by SpeedyFeet and he mentioned how he keeps from playing on the speakers to be hospitable to other people on the path/road/etc. I am in NYC and I figure I will do the same thing so as to give a good image of EUC riders. If I ever do want to play music (late at night) I'll still have something that can play music
  5. Hello all! I am in the process of deciding between 18xl now or waiting for the 16x this Summer. I live in NYC so the 16's size may be a greater benefit than the 18, but the speaker differences may matter as well. I know the 16x has four 5watt speakers and one 10watt subwoofer. I know the 18xl has speakers as well but at what wattage? I don't think the 18xl has a subwoofer either... Thanks for any help! maimed
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