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Few shmax questions.


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Hello all.

First problem is the light blinker...who on earth tought that red light in front is ok? So any mods, colored foil mods to make red light....not red without buying other lights?

When should i charge as my very first charge. Atm ridden 47km, still at 70%? Or it doesnt matter for first charge and do at like 25%?

Trolley handle, is it really that wobbly? I understand upper telescopic part moving, but base part is wobbly too. Before i open it up my self want to be sure i must or its just design flaw?

Maby a bit app related but want to know about batt levels in this pic. Does that mean i have unbalanced batts or just showing me levels when im idlibg and riding? 


Thank you in advance.

Screenshot_20220812-214927_EUC World.jpg

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I'm not savvy when it comes to batteries or electronics -- many more people here appear to be. However, the red light on front doesn't seem to be an issues at all for me in Manhattan, but I would prefer the older blue light as I simply prefer the color. The trolley handle is definitely the weak point on the Max. It got to a point where it split down one of the seams and I had to buy another rail set. As far as tightening, I haven't done that yet but I would imagine it can be done easily. It was easy to do on my 16X.

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