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V8 V8F V8S cutout tracking


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Just had my first V8F cutout and the behavior was wild so I wanted to understand if my machine is acting normally or not.  The wheel "shuddered," snap-oscillating between level and tilt-back about 4 Hertz for about four seconds before powering off the motor.  That was a wild ride!  But I was able to slow down and definitely anticipated the fall.

The trigger for this behavior was me riding it off of a curb at maybe 10mph (more aggressive speed than normal), and maybe I was dragging the brake a little when I landed.  Battery was about 65%.  I had ridden about 8 miles after reassembly for changing the inner tube, hence second-guessing my workmanship.  Afterward it powered on and I rode it home, only more gently, but I did hop off some curbs at low speed and no problem.  I'll probably try to recreate the scenario but wearing more armor. 

Machine has ~1400 miles on the odometer, and the rider has ~2500 miles.

Is this the normal InMotion cutout, or should I trust my device?

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add battery level, add tube change.
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I've put over 100 more miles on the V8F, and I've jumped up and down a few more curbs although with more care about speed and "sticking the landing."  So I'm concluding the machine is OK and this is a generic behavior it could manifest under the right conditions.  I'm thinking what happened is a braking cut-out-- the machine cut out because I overpowered the limit of its regenerative braking.

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