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Wider pedals for giant calves?

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New to EUCs, but my sherman is forcing me a bit bow legged. I'm a track cycling sprinter, and good genetics blessed me with the legs for it. They're not ideal for straddling this rolling box though. I ride with my feet pretty far forward (toes slightly off the front) and outside of my feet are slightly hanging off the outside of the stock pedals. I use minimalist sneakers, and can feel exactly where my feet are on them. No pads, and as it is, I couldn't imagine using any like this. Is this a good case for wider pedals? Maybe just stiffer shoes? 


Sorry for the amount of questions lately, but you all really seem super knowledgeable and willing to help! A rarity on many forums/groups 

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Chris Chaput (abec11@gmail.com) was making fully custom pedals earlier this summer, I don't know how that worked out but it might be worth a conversation. Length, width, dihedral all can be spec'd. I think he has a commercial machine shop (or at least access to lots of machine tools). He's a great guy to do business with. Of course, "custom" and "machining" (in CA) means they're going to be expensive.

BTW, not being 'square on' the pedals isn't necessarily a bad thing. I ride with about 1/3 of each foot off the outboard side of the pedals... just feels right. Might be harder on the feet, but I ride in hiking boots so it's not something I've felt any need to change.

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