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Want to rent a unicycle in London from middle of august for 1 month


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I wonder if anyone has a wheel they want to rent to me. I am looking for something to get around London, so something the 800Kwhr-1000Kwh, I don't need a gigantic or heavy wheel.

Preferred GT16, 1 6S, V8S, MCM5 84V, 18XL.

I am a pretty safe rider and generally ride in HK on the pavements, so I don't go over 25KM/hr... Damage risk is minimal. I can also source parts here in HK from the factories and Taobao if something happens.

I weight 88Kg, so the battery pack age must in good condition.

I bring my own helmet and protective gear.

Check out my post history.


Payment I would expect a combination of day + Mile (wear) rate. 


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