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Safety Gear


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I am relatively new at gliding and have had a few falls so far. I just ordered a pair of gloves as my last fall scraped my hand up a bit. I have also been thinking about getting a helmet. In most of the videos I have seen, most people aren't wearing any safety gear.


I was curious what most people on this forum wear for safety gear - if any?

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Depends a lot on what kind of driving practice. If you drive less than 15 km / h on the street, do not necessarily have anything special.
But if you push hard and doing tricks, as well as times of difficult places, you need more protection.
Off-road driving speeds 20-35kmh principle, in my opinion, nothing is too much.
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I'm getting my wheel on Friday. I've gotten a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, and crash shorts. Links below for the precise ones I got. Take a look at wrist guards in particular because they'll stop your hand getting scraped and prevent sprains. I also started my own thread last week about protection. It's in general discussion and it's called Impact Survey. There may be useful information in there too for you.



Knee pads:


Elbow pads:


Wrist guards:


Crash shorts:


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