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s18 mollicell pack voltage issue


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Anyone know much about the battery packs on the s18. How are they series-ed and paralleled ?
After my spill in the puddle where I killed the control board I decide to open up the battery and check for water intrusion. They were all DRY ! good job done on sealing the. But then I decided to check the voltages on them...The two big front ones read 34.0 V each. The right smaller rear pack reads 33.9 V. However the left rear smaller pack is reading only17.0V ! something is not right.
tbw _ I am posting this on the fb page as well..just in case you see that on there.
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ok so when I saw 34 volts I am taking it off the two big contacts on the xt90 connectors. Sorry thats my old RC experience talking. Should I be doing it another way. What are the two smaller pins on the xt90 connectors for ?

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