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  1. A lot of people use slime. Here's a vid:
  2. I need to take it for a few more trail runs before I really give my final thoughts on this knobby tire, but as a casual answer, I find it good so far. I have yet to do any trail riding since the initial 20 I did when I first installed the tire. Since then I did have to change the inner tube since the one that came as part of the combo deal was really garbage and thin walled. That inner tube was actually letting the tire slip a little bit and was also leaking near the valve stem. There's now a michelin 60/100-14 inner tube inside it and I haven't had any problems since. I still do find the tire
  3. Huh, so that's what that little thing was for. I couldn't remember where it was supposed to go so I didn't even bother reinstalling it. My tire's a bit thinner than the stock one so I didn't even notice any difference.
  4. The earlier batches of wheels had very poorly fitted bearings and some areas were not using spacers at all. This caused linkages to rub or bearings to mash up against each other causing a lot of friction in the suspension. The newer revisions have done a better job of putting spacers in-between the bearings so this isn't as big of an issue anymore. The main thing now is just the huge washers on the sides. Suspension settings will unfortunately be very different wheel to wheel since it seems like each wheel has a different amount of friction in the suspension setup. Factor in rider weig
  5. The specified size is smaller since the original tire is a 18x3" tire and this knobby is a 2.5 x 14 tire (it's a different measurement system, the ChaoYang tire presents the outer tire dimensions while the YuanXing reports tire width and rim size). The mounted and inflated tire is something along the lines of 2.45 inches wide, but going by fender clearance, I have maybe 5mm (estimate) more clearance between the knobs and the fender. The difference is really only noticeable when turning since the tire is narrower.
  6. Finished fitting and centering the tire. I'm happy to say it fits very well. In fact, there is a few milimeters of extra clearance between this tire and the fender as compared to the original 3x18 CY tire. Riding it for a few miles, I did not notice any particular difference in terms of torque or speed. It does make more noise than the original tire, and I did notice that turning now requires me to lift the wheel back into its original position rather than allowing it to rotate back up on its own. It's similar to how it works on the sherman. Perhaps it's a knobby tire thing? Other than that, I
  7. Just got my knobby tire in. Haven't tried to fit it yet since I have to use my EUC to travel and pick up my car tomorrow from the service department 18 miles away (going to be a fun ride!) But for those curious this is a YuanXing YX-P75 Tire. There's crazy amounts of rebrands of this tire, and I actually got mine off Amazon here under the name "MMG". Annoyingly, it's out of stock now like half a dozen other tires I was going to order, so if this does end up working, I'm not going to be able to order another...
  8. Lol, my S-18 had a screw that's shaft was shaped like an S. Was a nightmare taking it out, ended up stripping it as I removed it and ended up replacing it with a socket head.
  9. As more time passes and I get increasing mileage with the S-18, the more divided I feel about the wheel. Here's a few thoughts on the wheel as well as a few points that just really confuse me. General thoughts: Of the current suspension wheels, this suspension design is the best one (for off road/urban freeride): Using a dedicated MTB shock with the option for aftermarket is the way to go, especially for tailoring the ride for whatever you're looking for. The wheel is also designed such that the wheel and motor moves independently of the rider/chassis/batteries. Other reviewers
  10. Anyone happen to know where I can get my hands on a CST C803 tire state side? Been browsing around, but it feels like pretty much any tire that is the right size for this wheel is incredibly difficult to come by.
  11. Different EUC, but I use WD40 PTFE dry lube for my S18's suspension sliders. Very easy to apply and its dust/dirt resistant. Made a big difference in reducing suspension friction for my wheel. That said, I do find myself having to reapply the lubricant after a few trail days (between 25-50 trail miles depending on conditions and terrain). It lasts a long while if I'm only riding in the city or in places that don't tax the suspension like crazy, but for some of the technical trails I visit, the combination of excessive dirt/dust and really bumpy, rocky terrain seems to consume the lubricant qui
  12. Pretty much exactly what happened to my wheel except I managed to catch onto it before the motor/mosfets went nuclear. Looks like the S18 isn't the only wheel out there with less than ideal fender designs!
  13. To be fair, it's usually not this bad, but southern California did just get its first rain storm on Monday and the trail I thought I could make it through was on the shady side. Couple that with cooler weather and it's a recipe for some clay that'll be around for quite a while. Live and learn I guess...
  14. Unfortunately I did not. I do have some scattered debris strewn about the driveway, but my first thought when I got home was to immediately get to work fixing the thing. In hind sight, it would have been good to take some pictures of my suffering
  15. Just finished cleaning the very last bits out of some sections that I missed. There are some areas, particularly around the motor hub, which are within five or six milimeters of the fender. I will absolutely positively be avoiding this California clay stuff like it's hot lava whenever I see it in the future. Good grief, never want to go through any of this ever again. On the bright side, I got a free couple pounds of cali-clay I can fling at some porch pirates!
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