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Inmotion v10f pedals


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Hello everyone, 

I am a little bit worried with my v10f pedals. I have seen lots of broken pedals in the Internet, I am 90kg heavy and I use it for offroad a lot. The pedals are making some cracking sound when acelerating and I think that it may be the time for a little bit more bulletprof ones. 


I am quite surprise because I cannot find a lot of available pedals for this wheel. Basically I have seen the nylonove ones and the clark pedals. The are out of stock and also, i think that they are too expensive. 

Can you recommend me any other pedals that will not broke? 


Thank you very much. 


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I have heard in some old forum postings that some of the gotway/begode pedals may be compatible with this wheel, with varying reports of needing to shim them a bit to get them to fit correctly.

I also have this wheel and have been looking around for pedal options and finding the same situation- sold out or just not available.

You mention a 'cracking sound'. I had something similar, but it ended up being related to the protective cover I had on it. When I removed the cover, I stopped hearing the noise. Is there any chance this could be your issue?

If you have not already done so, please remove the rubber from your pedals to inspect for damage. From the photos I have seen online, it should be fairly obvious if your pedals are starting to be affected by the issue that can happen with them. (The newer batches of this wheel come with a grip tape over the rubber in the pedals, and from what I have heard this pedal is more robust than the original variants that had just textured rubber; I have the newer type of pedal on my wheel so cannot comment about the older type)

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Cracking was only a problem with the first generation pedals (the ones with the grey rubber insert and no griptape). The newer pedals have been reinforced. I weigh 130kg in all my gear and I have put well over 10.000 kilometers on two different V10Fs without any issues with the pedals.

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