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Washington, DC - Parts/Project 1300Wh Gotway MS3T+ (Msuper 3 "Tesla" motor) ~9000 miles. $200. See details.

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I've been riding this wheel as my daily commuter for about 4 years and I'm retiring it. It may make a good parts wheel or with a little work, a backup.

The control board is pristine, the batteries hold a solid charge, and the motor turns smoothly. It boots up and runs.

I rode it up until the day it got a flat I couldn't fix:

The inner tube is flat and the pedal hangars are jammed, such that I can't change it. I think the rods rusted to the pedals. I've dealt with this exact issue before by cutting them off with a hacksaw and buying new ones, but that's more work than this is worth to me anymore. I tried a pin punch and it wouldn't budge.

I replaced the original pedals with the black ones as a result of the previous time this happened.

The collapsible handle is pretty shot, I've repaired it before with epoxy putty and it is currently only connected at one end. The main body handle is solid as ever.

The very edge of the headlight bracket has been repaired with epoxy putty, front and rear lights work.

It's taken a few slides, but is in solid physical condition.

The tire has been changed 3 times.

9000.2 miles on the odometer, or about 1.44 megameters.

As far as I'm concerned, I've gotten my money's worth and more out of this wheel; I'm not trying to recoup the remaining value as much as pass it along to someone who may find it in it.

Includes a charger that functions, though the LED has gone out.

I've kept the box from a KS18XL that I got from ewheels and would be happy to ship it in, presumably with their discount.



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Been waiting for this opportunity for a while now.  I would like to be the guy to fix this sweet gotway.  I have pedals and extras from my dead Super.  Please consider me as your first in line. PayPal cash ready. 

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