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16x bad pedal dipping (but backwards)


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When I come out of a u turn my 16x pedals tilt way backwards.  It goes away in about 10m of straightening out, but it's kind of annoying.  I think I would actually prefer regular pedal dipping.


At first I thought maybe I was sobused to pedal dipping that it just felt like it was tilting back, but no thisbis actually a severe tilt back.  

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I just recalibrated and it seemed to help a little. 

I got this used and have had it for a month. It seems like over time the pedals creep into backward angle and I have to recalibrate to level them. I have had to do this twice 

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Pedal tilt backwards isn’t something I’ve experienced or heard of… I have heard you need to be sure it’s vertical side to side as well as back to front when calibrating. If it were my wheel I’d update to 2.09 (improved charger handling, no vampire!) and then recalibrate again. 2.12 did have the problem of not stopping when it free spins, so I am sitting on 2.09. Rumor has it the spin issue is fixed but since SoftTuner won’t let you downgrade anymore I’m not gambling on going back to 2.12 until I hear more positive reports.

If it still tilts backwards I’d chat with my reseller… it’s not normal!

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