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Looking for Kingsong 16x in Tucson or Phoenix, AZ

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I have a Kingsong 16X very low mileage for sale.  about 120 miles on it.  I am just trying to figure out one glitch in it right now.  I can get the bluetooth music to connect but cannot get the unit itself to connect to darkness bot.  this week I am going to open it up to reset the batteries and will be replacing all the pads on it.  I have new pads which I will be replacing after I get it to reset and connect.  let me know if you are interested.



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I have a 16X (purchased from eWheels Feb. 2022, with around 540 miles on it).
I'm starting to consider selling it to upgrade to a faster mid-size wheel.
Thought I could be content with it's top speed of about 30/31mph, guess not, lol.
I'm in Long Island, NY if you or anyone is interested, I can meet around NYC/Queens/Long Island.
I've upgraded the pedals to Nylonove Pedals (my favorite).
I'd be willing to sell for $1800 (including the pedals & original pedals).
Here's some pics of my wheel: https://imgur.com/a/AtlmTtv
Let me know (via DM or IG) if you or anyone you know is interested.
Thanks for reading.

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