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Monster Pro step by step Waterproof

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I'm based in Dubai which is very dusty. It seldom rain here. I have my Monster Pro for over a year now. I routinely open it once a month to remove the dust. After I apply silicon at the back of the motherboard metal plate the dust is now very minimal. So maybe water can go there as well. Hope this help

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I've ridden my Monster Pro in rain quite a lot. I haven't done any weather proofing yet. I do remove the side panels often to inspect everything. So far no water ingress. I did inspect the outer panel seals as soon as I received the wheel; no defects were noted. My Monster Pro came with the smaller bearings. I didn't even care to repack the bearings. SKF bearings are around $50.00 each. My RS has the large bearings and they cost about $350.00 each. My RS bearings went bad at 100 miles. eWheels sent me replacements. I repacked them with marine grease. Now my RS has about 1500 miles and the bearings are fine. It to has been ridden in rain.

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