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  1. I've been riding unicycles for 41 years. I have a geared 36" I used to commute to the bus stop on. I also used it for the few group rides I used to go on. That unicycle has about 8000 miles on it. I did a complete teardown last year to refresh the whole unicycle. It was functioning fine just looking a little tattered. I still haven't got the frame painted. I want to re powder coat it. I haven't got the equipment for powder coating yet. Been busy with other stuff. I also have a vintage Miata Tall Flamingo 5' giraffe unicycle and a 26" fat tire unicycle that I can switch wheels out on. I can pu
  2. I'm thinking it is a July build. The sticker on the control board is"20210713022". According to the lable on all of the battery packs Begode used Samsung cells in them.
  3. The covers had nothing on them. My RS had a serial number stamped on the cover along with the type" C30". The spokes look stronger than the previous production models. It wouldn't surprise me that it's a C30 motor. If Begode is in fact has gone this route it would be desirable to offer a C38 torque version.
  4. The original tire is the same as the earlier production. It rode fine on the pavement but it's to thin for all of the debris that I seem to find everywhere. The Vrm054 is a 4 ply and the original was 2ply. I also ride dirt paths and wet grass. The original slick doesn't feel very good on wet grass.
  5. This is Euc World with no speed correction. My corrected value was -15, not -12.
  6. The 51.7 no load speed is correct. This is the corrected values on Euc World. The 97 kph on the Begode app was also no load speed. I haven't attempted a firmware update yet. The pedals undulate briefly climbing through the high 20's mph. I thought it was just the road but I've tried it on several different paths and streets. It's consistent. I did ride 16 miles on the stock tire and the undulations were the same. If you want I can reset Euc World to default and see what values it comes up with.
  7. The Euc world has been corrected to match actual speed. I put the Vee Rubber VRM 054 tire on and calibrated the speedometer. There's a radar " your speed" sign about a mile from my house. It's accurate. I've calibrated my Jeep using it. I've check my Jeep on the open road using GPS and it all matches up. The Euc world correction was -12.
  8. Looks like Begode switched the monster pro to the smaller bearings. These bearings appear to be appropriate for outside use. I didn't pop the seal to check the grease. I don't have a stand for my monster pro. I had one printed but the damn thing crushed it within 2 minutes. I use the stands to level the pedal hangars. The 6012 RS bearings cost about $40.00 a piece. I will probably run these as is and see what happens. I put a vee rubber vrm 054 tire on it. I was going to go tubeless but none of my valve stems seem to fit. I'll deal with it later. The tubes are a pain in the ass. I was able to
  9. This build was better than my RS build. If I didn't open my RS it would have burned. The power lead to the control board had a large nick in the positive cable at the xt90 connector with exposed wire. Begode(Gotway) needs to better engineer their control boards. They run at the edge of failure. Begode is in a perpetual catch up loop on quality and hardware design. They're going to loose out when Kingsong and or Inmotion decide to open the speed cap. If either one of them can build a wheel that can travel mid to upper 40's mph (65 to 80 kph) with good headroom Begode will either have to step u
  10. I received my monster pro on the 6th. Begode is improving their build quality. They still have a ways to go. On mine they sealed the led fixtures on the wheel well side but left the outside of each fixture bare. Their glue job has improved over the RS I got last year. I still need to remove the motor and check the grease in the bearings. Begode seems to source bearings that are packed with petroleum jelly. Those bearings are for food processing equipment, not outside in the elements.
  11. If you plan on jumping an ex.n and worried about weight, just remove a battery pack. Then it's the same as an RS. If going to a skate park and plan on crazy full sends, remove 2 battery packs. Just be careful with a single pack. The stock packs sag quite a bit under load.
  12. This is what I use on my mten3. It came with an adapter but I've been using this pump since I had to change the tire. I usually take this pump with me on rides.
  13. I put a cst c6004 on my RS. I have the high speed version (c30). My riding is mixed between trail and street commute. The tread does quite well in loose dirt. I usually go on extreme trails. It has great grip on the street with proper sidewall support. I don't know if they make that tread pattern in an 18" size. I ordered a vee rubber vrm054 for the monster pro that I have on order. That was recommended by Ben Kim a few posts back. I don't know when the monster pro will show up. It was ordered in June. I have received the tire in July.
  14. That's probably the only tire they can source right now.
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