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Become RS19 can't connect to Eucworld but Bluetooth speaker works

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Hi everyone, I recently just did a tire change on my Begode RS HS. After plugging everything back in and powering on the wheel I was no longer able to connect to eucworld. The Bluetooth connection to play music works still but eucworld/wheellog/begode app no longer connect. Any suggestions?

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Did you give it a good solid whack upside the head? (kidding... sort of)

Sounds like something isn't quite reconnected all the way -or- the wire routing might be blocking the BT signal. I'm by no means an EUC tech but loose connections are the first place I'd look, then I'd look to make sure that any wiring is routed as far from the BT module/antenna as the wiring allows.

Use great care when mucking around the control board, you don't want to get zapped by those capacitors (interested in protecting the wheel of course).

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