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ninebot one e blown mosfets and repair


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I bought an e and within 2 days It broke while riding, I was braking really hard and it cutout at like 2mph, i stepped off and it shuddered for 20 seconds. After that it shutoff and wouldn't turn on, and motor was rough. Left it outside overnight and then the next day took it apart. To my surprise everything looked fine.

Once inside I learned:

- wheel would boot up fine with motor unplugged and connected to bt.

- motor spun freely by hand when unplugged from mobo

-with everything off and motor unplugged, the motor wires green and blue were shorted on mobo when tested with multimeter

So I replaced all the mosfets with slightly high spec'd ones, they're rated for 80v 100A instead of 75v 75A, so hopefully they will be less likely to pop. STM STP100N8F6

The originals were HEXFET ® Power MOSFET 75NF75 for reference.

The wheel works great now!



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