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Put EXN Firmware on RS Mainboard?


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So, I have a blown EXN board, but the dc-dc board looks fine. I have the possibility to buy a new RS HS board for cheap.

Is it possible to flash EXN firmware onto the RS board, remove and replace the RS DC board with the EXN's and have it work?

Or could I just put the RS board in there without flashing and figure out my own solution for the lights?


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Hi @Badkad unfortunately Begode will not share the firmware to flash it in to another board.

only the newer black controllers can update firmware but still not flash it from EX-N to RS.

however you should be able to put an RS board in your EX-N and use it normally. but it could burn some components as the specs are not excactly the same so i would just buy a new EX-N board.

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Sorry to dig up an old post, but I'm attempting to upgrade my battery on my rs from 1800wh to 2700wh, I would also like to increase the top speed if possible. I've heard that the motor is exactly the same, and from inspection alone, they seem to be the same board but with different wire gauges on the power connector, and the heatsink.

@Freestyler I want to flash the EXN firmware on the RS as well, couldn't dm yet since I just joined.



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2 hours ago, trannhattien2019 said:

Can you pm for me?


@Freestyler  haven't been online here since February 17th, so you probably won't get an answer right away. I think I read that something bad happened to him, but I can no longer find the place where it was written. Hoping for the best for him.

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