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KingSong charger questions


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I have a KingSong S18. I have ordered a fast charger (JR-T450) but they are backordered right now. My plan is to use a J1772 adapter to charge at EV charging stations, which are 240v, and much more plentiful out in the wild than regular 110v outlets. So I have a couple of questions about the standard/regular charger the wheel came with:

Has anyone used it at 240v? I see from the back label that it is compatible with 110-240v. If you connect it to 240v, does it charge faster? (I suspect not, but the label does mention its max amperage is 4A. It normally charges at max of 2.5A.)


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I haven't tried the stock charger at 240V, but the most important thing is to make sure that you have it set for the correct input voltage BEFORE you plug it in. Wrong setting, charger goes poof. Instantly.

If your stock charger does not have a little red switch, it is 'autoswitching' and will take care of everything without worry. If it has the red switch (slider switch, marked), triple check the setting before you plug into anything!

Connecting to 240V does not increase the charge rate, the charge rate is fixed to 2.5A by the charger (the goes-into is 240V, the comes-out is 84V limited to 2.5A max). The 'max amperage' rating on the charger generally refers to the max input amperage... you can use that number to estimate how many chargers can plug into your J1772 before you trip the breaker on the EV pole.

Tribal lore recommends using a surge protector between the EV power and your charger, if you do that make sure your surge protector is a 240V version, not the common 110-120V normally sold in the US. I don't know if the surge protector is necessary on an EV power pole though, seems like they'd have that pretty well regulated at the pole. Breaking a Tesla makes wealthy people very cranky, and their lawyers clap their hands in glee.

WARNING: eWheels' fast charger lost the switch because too many people forgot to set it properly and killed them so the eWheels fast charger was or is 110V only (they may have put it back, I don't know). Make sure your fast charger either has the switch or is autoswitching!!!

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