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Battery Life and Upgrades


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Greetings - been riding EUCs for several years. Started on the Inmotion V8 and V10 and graduated to the S18. I now have 1100 miles on my S18 with NO issues, and enjoying the upgrades to tire and suspension. DNM damping 2 System rear MTB shock (no air pressure required!), TR-1 tire (great on pavement and grass/grave/dirt) - not doing much trail riding yet.

Question/Observation for the forum - right after I passed the 1000 mark I noticed that my battery pack will not charge past 96%. I confirmed this after running the battery down to <40% twice using Darknessbot and the KS app.

Anyone experiencing the same issue? Any advice regarding what this might mean in terms of battery health? Again, no issues with the ride acceleration or braking. Or expected mileage as my rides are fairly consistent (read repetitive).

Thanks for your attention. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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2 hours ago, Apollo said:

my battery pack will not charge past 96%

The percentage is not a reliable indicator, it's quite optimistic. You want to look at the detail page and check the voltage. How long do you leave it on the charger after the charger goes green? If you leave it for hours and hours and it stays below 83V, you need to have the batteries checked.

If you haven't been doing the charge-to-green-led plus 1-2 hours all this time, your pack will need balancing... which means to leave it on charger (in a safe place, observed) for a long time. The voltage will creep up very slowly and should settle somewhere above 83.5V.

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