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Any of you high rollers have a Weped SST scooter?


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SST or FS actually.  As a DT Thunder owner, I'm looking for opinions of this hotness in e-scooter land.  It's properly expensive.

edit: Jimmy Chang posted a video recently (linked below), which was nice because the guy in the video also has a DT Thunder and EUCs and boards.

RANT: There are a handful of Weped SS (ie, SST or SSR) videos on YT, but they are all useless.  The other one that everyone else points (not named or linked here) to is a reviewer that is clearly out of his league wrt speed, doesn't know how to two-finger the brakes and bars, basically says "it's fast, too fast" and nothing else.  Even AlienRides' videos don't cover the scooter in any detail, just first person view of riders, and he's on an "SS" so it's not even clear if it's an SST or SSR which are different (I think SSR given the throttle response).  It's shocking that something like this is for sale, but not one vendor took the time to make a 3 minute video that describes the controls on the bars, the power buttons, that the lighting is actually an optional feature, or if the 123 button works while in motion, etc.

RANT 2: Everywhere lists 33,600W ... okay but that's 2 wheels * 200A controllers * 84V peak voltage, which is never going to happen.  Try 72V under full load, and the hub motors are only rated 80A, and the Samsung 21700 50E cells in 9p are only rated 90A continuous and 135A peak (presumably for the 80% battery life rating).  So again, we don't know anything about the actual wattage of this scooter, only that it is indeed fast (75-82 mph gps) and that some of the hardware has high ratings.  33.6KW is 44.9HP which on a motorcycle is enough to go 110 mph, so clearly that power is not present at top speed.  Drawing from my motorcycle knowledge, 75 mph is probably about 20 hp here, so figure about half of their claim, about 15KW sustained or 110A per motor/controller, which is still impressive for a stand-up scooter.



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