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Kingsong S18 Fault Beeps


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Any Kingsong experts out there know what these beeps mean?

Four beeps that repeat, the wheel won't self balance yet there is a resistance to the wheel turning.

It makes the same repeating four beeps when put on charge, it seems to connect to the Kingsong app but then shows no data.

I suspect moisture may have got in as it wasn't the result of a crash, although for a while now the thing won't charge above 90%

Any thoughts and recommendations would be much appreciated.

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I would also suggest taking a look at the axle end where the motor and hall sensor wires come out for any damage if nothing is found in the motor connector housing. You might have to pull up on the metal coil to properly inspect. I know it's strange but we have seen wheels with this issue, brand new and this was the case.

Hope that helps.

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Brendan "nog3" Halliday cheers for your help you were absolutely spot on with your diagnosis, I opened the side cover and there was moisture inside, it must have been wet for some time as the connecting pins were going green.

 As you can see by the excess silicone it was not the first time I had removed the side cover as I’m now on my forth Tyre!

I did manage to break one of the wires as I tried to remove the pins from the connector block, so had to solder that back on, but so far so good.

Thanks again.

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On 2/26/2022 at 2:04 PM, Brendan "nog3" Halliday said:

Hall effect sensor has not been found, so the board is not booting. Doublecheck the connection for the hall sensor wires in the side cover, it's possible moisture got in there (though unlikely, they drown it in silicone)


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