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Riding in fall/winter?

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As my first fall/winter riding an EUC is coming soon I am in need of appropriate gear. 

Current spring/summer gear is fox proframe, polarized sun glasses, dainese summer vented jacket, ewheels wrist guards, shorts, d30 sleeve knee guards, and some Nike SB mid-tops https://mobdro.bio/ https://kodi.bio/

What are others planning to wear in the light (usually barely drizzling) rain in 45-55 degree temps? Or am I crazy and one should not euc in those conditions???

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Not crazy at all!

I wear mittens (ice fishing or convertible mittens that let you easily expose your fingers) under my eWheels wrist guards. I'd recommend a couple of additional layers of your choice, and something windproof (and by extension, waterproof) on top. Balaclava if your head gets cold.

You'll really like the extended season! It does tend to dump rain in your region though, you might carry a plastic bag to put over your wheel... they're generally not terribly watertight. If you do get caught in the rain, be careful to keep the wheel upright until it's completely dry. You don't want water wandering around in there.

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I ride any day the roads aren't covered in ice/slush, so far it's been down to like 5f with high wind that I've been able to ride. I wear snowboarding gloves w/ built in wrist guards, but it might be a bit hot for 55F, it was mid 40's today and it felt like that was the limit. I also wear a pair of windproof cycling pants and an HWK motorcycle jacket to keep me warm from the 40mph wind I create flying down the street. Both have held up to near 0f temps, and can always pair with a hoodie underneath if chilly. For those warmer temps the jacket with the thermal liner is a bit much, next time it's mid 40's and I can ride I'll unzip the thermal liner from my jacket and try that. I also wear my SS900 motorcycle helmet. That's pretty much all I do to keep warm, I'm still wearing my nike sneakers, haven't personally felt the need to wear windproof shoes unless I'm standing outside for a long time before riding. A scarf/neck gaiter is the next thing I'm thinking about adding to my collection, but having a slightly cold neck hasn't deterred me from riding yet

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