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CRASH! Trolley handle broken


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First wheel. Few weeks. Had a HARD get off. Wheel tumbled like crazy. I'm an idiot. So easily avoidable. Handle flew out while it was flipping around and snapped one end off. Pics attached. 

How do I fix this? Is it repairable? Just buy new trolley handle and swap out? Not sure what piece is actually broken.

Handle won't push back down. Way to push it down? Or do I have to disassemble wheel and remove entire assembly before I can do anything? Can't ride with handle up like that. Motor seems fine. 


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That won't be a problem to repair once you get the parts. You need the trolley handle 'poles'. Replacement is quite simple actually: open both sides of the shell (well, that part is a bit frustrating because the screws are underneath the pads, but videos will show you where they are) and you'll be able to undo the two straps that hold the trolley handle poles and they'll slide out the top. There's a fiberglass rod inside the hollow part of each pole that pushes the release mechanism, if replacement rods don't come with your handle poles you'll have to order those separately.

Be ginger with the metal plate that is at the bottom of each pole—it actuates the lift switch (the things in the balloons). If you're rough you'll break the very fragile switch arm and your lift switch won't work until you replace that... and last time I checked before the fire, eWheels didn't have the right replacement part (so my lift switch remains busted).

Be aware that the screws at the top of the trolley handle poles are goobered into the handle itself AND once that white stuff is removed the screws that hold the pole into the handle tend to vibrate loose very easily. This is one place where you can use locktite, but that didn't work for me so I stuffed the screw hole with a little wad of gorilla tape and I haven't lost any screws.

While you're in there, order yourself about 60 m3x8 stainless hex cap screws to replace all of the philips head screws. You don't need that many but you'll be happy you replaced them the next time you need to do surgery.

You do need a 5mm hex wrench to get the grub screws that hold the pedal rods in place. The grub screws are recessed about 4 inches so a normal allen wrench doesn't work.

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