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IPS 122+ (ips 260+) first impression


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Just wanted to post some information/stats on my new IPS 122+.

Ordered from amazon.ca (Canada)

Cost $1019 CAN with free shipping

Received in a weeks time which was nice right after Christmas.

My first time riding this thing was like learning to ride a bike! I watched so many YouTube videos prior to buying that made it look so easy and I actually thought it self balanced side to side but I was wrong haha. First thing I noticed was how much it hurt my ankles and the next day I noticed bruises on the inside of my shins too so I went to canadian tire and picked up some half inch thick by one 1 inch wide self adhesive foam tape and measured it to fit nicely where I needed it. It made a huge difference and actually looks great, most ppl thought it came that way how clean it looks.

I was really hopeful for a long battery life but haven't had too much chance to test it however from 98% I rode it down to about 5% and only got around 13km. To be fair though I took it out in -10° to -15° celsius temperatures for about 60% of that charge and the rest in my underground parking garage which sits around 3-5° celsius in that weather. 

I'm 6'1" and 210lbs so this might actually be pretty good range for my size and the weather factors although for $130 more I could have had the IPS 121+ with the 340whr battery.. Still wondering if I bought the wrong model but I love this thing so much!! Riding it around at 23km/hr (before the speed unlock) is probably the most fun I've ever had and I just downloaded the unlocked app so I've yet to try it at full speed! I bought a helmet for this thing since it's potentially very dangerous and I don't care how strange I look riding it around town since it's so much fun.

I keep it on sport mode and it hits hills and bumps with so much ease I can't believe it and lots of people who've seen it on the street are pretty jealous if not just amazed haha. Anyone else have any stats to share with this bad boy?




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Just tested this out with the new speed limit! Amazing! I love how it doesn't kick back around 20km/hr anymore feels much more smooth. I drove it about 12-13km both outside in the snow and inside in my parking garage! It started flashing red inside but if I drove a bit slower it would go longer because now that I'm inside it's reading 30% left but it drops quickly when I speed up.

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Always buy the biggest battery you can afford seems to be a good idea. The real Life range sure seems to be a lot shorter than the spec sheets says. I bought the T350+ and rode it for a couple of days before my girl snatched it from me. And now I’ve ordered the T680+ (IPS 151) after realizing just like you how much fun it is to ride these things and that I really don’t want to be bothered to much by range or the risk of F-P when battery is to low and cuts out.

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