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Tools to disassemble King Song S18

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Hello all, 

I need to buy the electric screw driver that was used along with the normal screw drivers used to disassemble the S18 in the below video.

Can some one please help me with the tool names (and screw sizes) and links to buy if possible? Are the screws good enough or is it better to replace the screws with better ones? If so can you also please put the links for the better screws? 

Long story short, I live in India where there are no EUCs other than the 14M's. I am asking my brother in USA to get this wheel, ship the batteries and bring the dismantled wheel along with him when he visits me(So that people don't know that he is carrying a EUC). But he has no interest in EUCs. So he is willing to help if I can provide him all the links for tools to do this. 

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

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