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  1. Hello all, I need to buy the electric screw driver that was used along with the normal screw drivers used to disassemble the S18 in the below video. Can some one please help me with the tool names (and screw sizes) and links to buy if possible? Are the screws good enough or is it better to replace the screws with better ones? If so can you also please put the links for the better screws? Long story short, I live in India where there are no EUCs other than the 14M's. I am asking my brother in USA to get this wheel, ship the batteries and bring the dismantled wheel al
  2. Thanks for telling this! But can you please elaborate or help me to understand the meaning of throttling curve? Does this mean acceleration...?
  3. I have been seeing the V12 videos on YouTube. 100V, 16*3 tyre and no suspension. These are the exact features offered by Nik + right? Can someone explain me how V12 is better? (Just to set the context, I want to know about the performance view point mainly, not about say headlight, kickstand or the touchscreen in V12.)
  4. Yeah... :/ But I am just hoping that they solve this problem. I had a lot of difficulty in getting all these parts to India from USA....
  5. Yes. I Have emailed them. I am still waiting for their inputs. Yes. I have clicked the photo of the previous control board and did attach all the cables in the very same way.... I think the charging port is connected to controller and then through controller, the battery gets charged. Cause the battery has only one connection with the controller. Yeah I am hoping the ewheels would somehow help me. Cause I am in India where there is literally no support I can get.... I have one spoiled battery pack. the new battery pack. Yes I have 2 con
  6. u sure batt is 210Wh? - Yes saw the ratings on the battery pack run the ks diagnostic in app. - yes, it shows everything fine hv u contacted ewheels abt this? - yes, as this is a weekend, there was some delay from them. wt lead u to replace batt and controller? - long story short. My previous controller was of some 16C. Had only one battery pack which was of 160wh. One sudden day the euc doesnot start up or doesn't even charge. So thought of upgrading both of them.
  7. Hey all! That problem has been solved by updating the firmware through softtuner and updating the serial number. But another problem that I have run into is that the batteries are not getting charged.... The charger light just shows red and then goes green forever. The DarknessBot app is showing 34% battery with 55.62V. What could be the problem? please let me know. Attaching the darknessbot screenshots. I have configured the battery capacity as 210WH.
  8. Hi all, I have ordered 14D controller and the battery packs from ewheels. But when I try to install, the motor is not getting engaged. The controller is beeping. Also I checked the motor connection cables several times. Attaching the video regarding the same. Any help is highly appreciated. KS 14D.mp4 Adding another video.... KS 14d_2.mp4
  9. Can I use darkness bot app to check the voltages once fully charged? Or is there a way to check the voltage using a multimeter?
  10. Hello all, I have a KS 14M. But it has got some problem with controller and even the single battery is not recharging to the full capacity. So I am planning to upgrade my wheel with a new 14d controller and 2 battery packs of 210wh. I live in India, these will be bough by my brother in USA from ewheels and are being shipped to me. I have seen the dismantling videos on YouTube. I want to confirm about the tools that I need to buy to do this on my own. I am going to buy this tool box https://www.amazon.com/Rotatable-Screwdriver-Disassemble-Electronics-Mainten
  11. I was curious if downgrading my firmware would help. And this is what is happening now..... Are we getting any hints from this?
  12. No wiring or connectivity issue at all... And I don't have access to any other wheel near me... How do I confirm if it is an issue with battery or the controller?
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