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  1. Can you let me know if you have this app as you have corrected this on your side? I am from India and I could not find any euc sellers or resellers here..
  2. Can you please help me in getting the kingsong soft tuner("engineers app")? I tried logging in as a guest but it did not help..
  3. Hello. Can you please help me too? I am facing the exact same issue.... Please pm me as I am not able to...
  4. Hi Truckent. I am facing the very same issue. I am not even able to pm you here. Can you please pm me ? I really reached out to many people but no one could help me...
  5. I researched a bit and came to know that it is cause of the serial number problem. The wheel is 14D but the serial number of the wheel is 16C. I tried all possible apps like KingSong, Darknessbot, EUCWorld and many others. Nothing could help me. Can anyone please help me in changing the serial number of my wheel? I read that it should solve the problem.
  6. Hi Seba, I really need your help! Can you please reply to my problem? I bought Kingsong 14D from a local seller. I updated the firmware using Darknessbot and also the official kingsong app. Now even though the speed limit is set to 20KMPH in Darknessbot and other apps, the wheel is shouting "Please decelerate" at 9KMPH... I even tried using EUC World. But no help with that as well. Please suggest me a way out _/\_ Thanks in advance!!
  7. Guys can one of you please help me? I bought a 14D from a local vendor. I am getting the "Please decelerate" messages at 8KMPH yes and not even at 8 MPH. I really don't know what to do. Desperately searching for help. Thanks in advance!
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