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Motorcycle jacket with armored vest? (Or other street / off-road hybrid setups suggestions)

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Has anyone tried using a motorcycle jacket with an armored vest? Basically I want something that will work for street riding / commuting, but can be beefed up if necessary for more intense riding. (So I can save some money by not having to buy two different sets of gear.) I'm thinking it might work to just buy a summer motorcycle jacket for normal riding and then put an armored vest over it, but I'm not convinced it'll be a particularly comfortable fit.

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I think people tend to use body armor instead of an armored vest per se. (Are you thinking something like a TekVest?) Anyway, the fit will depend on the specific armor[ed vest] and jacket you have. Usually when people pair armor and a jacket the armor would go under the jacket, but not always.

Another approach is to get a jacket that accepts a chest protector. In between that and a back protector you'll cover a lot of the same area that a vest would.

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