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Real life (Max.) range for Inmotion V8F?


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I'm interested in people that are pushing the millage for their V8F. I know most of us wanna go faster but that reduces the range considerable from what the owner manual shows. There is a footnote (1) for the range in the manual table that says 12.5 m/h (miles/hour) and 150Lb rider, etc. The only time I saw the battery indicator on mine turn red was when I rode about 12 miles at 20 m/h. I don't really ride longer than 6 miles before charging though. Now I want to take a ride an speed is not an issue (meaning slow is ok) but I want to max the range. I wonder how far have people been able to ride at ...say... the 12.5 m/h or slower on a V8F?

Thanks. 729121446_IM_V8F_MANSpecs.thumb.jpg.08194de81ac7595e25241ef440f04481.jpg

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