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  1. Why does it bother you so much? I ask people how much is stuff all the time. Yeah most people shy away of talking prices because they feel ...cheap, but I don't care about people thinking I'm cheap. I'm interested in the price of things. My V8F was about $1100. Money is relative. Expensive/cheap depend on the person and the situation.
  2. Hi all, I was watching a lady woodworker on youtube (April Wil...something) and she was wearing these insane knee pads. I thought I share her link in case someone is interested. Way too much for me. https://www.amazon.com/ToughBuilt-Non-Marring-Stabilization-Comfortable-Adjustable/dp/B08W7T9H9C?utm_source=aprilw&utm_medium=traffic&utm_campaign=kneepads Take care.
  3. You need to be a member to upvote. A while back I thought somebody should tweet Elon on the subject. More directly...I don't tweet myself or I would. They have the technology with SpaceX rockets. Just warn him about the patent litigation. I already have a Model 3. It would be a nice addition ...lol. Just don't put autopilot on the darn thing...lol.
  4. It would help us give you feedback if you tell us your expectation for the wheel you're buying. What are you planning to do with it? How old u are, weight, wheel you're looking at, etc. I bought mine for a specific purpose: to ride the 3 miles to/from the electric car charging station while I charge my electric car. I have a Inmotion V8F (since xmas 2020). Never rode one before I bought it. Took me about 10 hours to be able to stay on it without falling off it. I slowly increased the max speed while learning, now I can go as fast as it goes (20 miles/hours). I slowed down after I scrape
  5. Hi, Is there a smart watch that I can connect to my Inmotion V8F to see my speed while riding *without* using my android phone? Thanks
  6. Love this... I did this too... the wheel can get scratched all it needs to, my legs/foot/etc are more important and way more expensive to fix.
  7. Hi all, I'm thinking of getting/mounting a camera in my v8f for safety reasons. In case of an accident because I don't carry my cell phone with me while riding. I was wondering if anyone knows of a small camera that can be mounted on a v8f? Thanks
  8. Make sure to check the tire pressure and fully charge it before use.
  9. checkbook tool ... You confused me when you added the word "tool" . I do use checks but only when I pay uncle Sam (US government). Faster wheel ...nah ... I'm at the limit of the weight I want to carry.
  10. Hi all, It's been about a month since I got my inmotion v8f. I can now ride without falling off (mostly). This weekend I took my first fall, at low speed, and I scrape my right knee. I also hit my right hip. I don't remember hitting my hip but the minor pain told me I hit it ... lol. No major damage at all but that told me not to leave the knee pads at home anymore (duh!). As I was slowing down, at a traffic light to stop, the EUC veer towards the street (I was on the sidewalk) and I panic because I didn't want it to end up on the street and hit by a car so I reached down to hold it
  11. Hi all, Every time I tap the lock icon it flashes something like "only owner can ...". There is a place in the app where it I put the serial number and I did. It says verified SVC so what's the problem? I changed the units to miles without too much trouble. This app is really cumbersome. Is the lock/unlock option available for the v8f? BTW I only gave it permission for location ... maybe that's the problem? Thanks
  12. I didn't read all the posts here so I'm not sure if anyone pointed this out but the manual for the V8 says: "Do not drive the unicycle on the grass, gravel roads, wet and slippery roads, and under other inappropriate road conditions."
  13. Hi all, Just curious how to go over speed bumps? I think I should avoid them at all cost until I'm done with the basics but if any of you guys go over speed bumps ... any pointers for the future? Thanks
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