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  1. Hi all, The EE (Electrical Engineer) in me thinks it should be fun to design a PCB for a EUC. But the EE in me also knows how complex simple looking projects can get and how long they take to completion. Still ... I may like to "play" with a PCB design. I was looking at how EUC work and I realized the PCB is not the problem for me. The things that stop me are the mechanical stuff .... like where would I get a wheel/motor to start playing/designing a PCB? Any sources for a 16 inch wheel/motor? Yeah, technically the wheel/motor is electrical too but the mechanical stuff stops me ...lol. Thanks
  2. rainystateguy said they ship from California I guess they're not in California if they don't change sales tax? Where are they at?
  3. Hi all, I'm doing my due diligence before I buy my first wheel (an Inmotion V8f) and I only see two contenders: ewheels.com and euco.us. I see that ewheels.com may be bigger but I don't see where they're located. Euco is in San Diego which is close to where I'm in Southern California. Price wise there is no difference. I know asking people's experience varies but I want to ask anyway. Was the sale from either of these two places good? Was the customer support good if you needed it? What about replacement parts (to buy) do they have stock if you needed them? BTW if you work or are affiliated with any of these companies I prefer you don't answer my post (sorry). Thanks
  4. Hi all, I'm just curious if all of the brands are Asian? Any made in the USA or Europe? These are the ones I've heard of .... Inmotion, King Song, Tesla. Feel free to add any other. I''ll be buying an Inmotion in the not so distant future. Thanks
  5. Hi all, Is there a better time of the year to buy a EUC? I'll be getting a V8F but I don't need it now that winter is coming. I can wait until January or so. That way I'll learn enough to use it in the summer. But if I see a sale around the coming holidays (Black Friday/Thanks Giving or Christmas) I'll get it then. So ... do these things go on sale on those dates or ever? BTW I'm not interested in used stuff. And I'm waiting not because of the price but because of the (cool) weather. Thanks.
  6. Hi all, I'm going to get my first EUC in a few weeks and I'm wondering what can I do to start helping my brain learn to balance (in a EUC). I ride a bicycle with no problem. I've never been on a skateboard but I've sky. I was thinking of buying something like a half sphere (of wood) and attach a piece of wood on top (flat side) that way I can stand on it and help my brain get used to the idea of balancing in a EUC. I know is not the same. The half sphere can tilt any way and the EUC does not. But I can do it so I'm an inch or so off the floor to start ... lol ... what do you guys think? any better suggestions? Thanks.
  7. I think I'm going for a V8F. It is a bit more money and weight that I was looking for. Just because of the bigger wheel. I'm afraid of potholes on the bike lane with the 14D. But since I'm in no hurry to get it I may change my mind. I'm going to the beach this labor day weekend and I'll keep an eye out for people riding these wheels or anyone riding EUC. Now that I'm more familiar with the models I may ask them about it. But they are still a rarity on the board walk in Newport Beach. Probably/maybe because they're illegal on the boardwalk. The signs say "no skateboard, no motorized vehicles, etc" Although that does not stop all the people with electric bicycles and ... the guys with skateboards ...lol. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I looked at the KS16S and it is not for me ($$$ and too heavy). I want something in the weight and price range of the V8. I may go for the V8F as someone suggested because the V8 is out of stock but that's about as high I'm willing to go (in $$$ and weight). I don't like to buy used stuff so it will be new ...95% sure :-) so far. Thanks again to everyone.
  9. Hi all, I'm 50 years old and I want to get one of these EUC. I have an electric vehicle (EV) that I take to the local charge station and leave there for 4-5 hours to charge a couple of times a week. I use my bicycle to get back home (3 miles, a little uphill/downhill and 8 traffic lights). It takes me about 20 mins in my bicycle each 3 mile trip. Then later I bicycle back and drive home. Sometimes my EV gets disconnected from the charger so I have to bicycle again and see what happened. It gets tiresome for me to bicycle back and forth 2 or 3 times in a day and maybe 2 times a week. I'll be using the EUC in the bike lane on the street. Street bike lanes are not perfectly smooth but it is paved (asphalt), no off road stuff. I've been looking at these UAC and besides the fun factor it would be very useful to me if I could use it instead of my bicycle when I go charge my EV. I'm interested in either of these three models: Segway One S1 King Song 14D Inmotion V8 (not V8F) It looks like the main difference between these is a 14" vs 16" wheel. I'm a fist time rider and I've never used a skate board. I sky so the balance part is not new but I was turned off by the Segway manual that says the recommended age is 16-50. I don't care about taking my sweet time to learn ...one week, one month, no problem ...I'm slow but steady :-). I've seen lots of videos on YouTube that recommend either the King Song 14D or Inmotion V8. The Segway seems older and out of stock anyway so it is probably out. I'm new and I'd like to know what you guys recommend. I'm more interested in the handling of the 14" vs 16" wheel size and overall size/weight of the EUC for an older beginner like me? If you are not so young and have one of these that would be great info. I wish I could try these two before I buy one but I can't find any place where they rent them in Orange county (near Newport Beach would be nice) in Southern California. The price is not an issue since I'm looking at about $900 either way. Comments/suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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