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Tesla v1 vs v2 questions


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I know this is an old subject so you might be a bit annoyed to rember these details, but anyway... :)

(Background: I've seen some deals on Tesla v2s and I'm thinking to maybe upgrade my v1. The v1 hasn't given me any problems whatsoever and is plenty powerful. I'm just tempted to get the lift-cutoff switch and to build a 1500wh battery for it. The battery in my current old v1 is absolutely perfect. Still charging fine, balancing etc. I feel bad replace it. I'd rather buy a 450Wh v2 cheap and put a 1500Wh DIY pack in it.)

1. Is the v2 more powerful? Both are rated at 1900W.

2. Does the v2 control board have better mosfets with higher temp or aging resiliance? I am tempted to get the high efficiency kind to just help with efficiency, are they called TO 247? (The kind that got introduced with the MSX)

3. Are there any reliability or performance related upgrades of the v2 over the v1?

I'm 100% sure I don't want a v3. I have zero interest in maintaining those huge bearings. I like wheels that can do 20kkm without a bearing change. I'm not heavy and I don't jump off curbs and such, so bending an axle is not a concern.


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