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kit.co for sharing gear recommendations


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A bunch of discussions here revolve around gear recommendations. I saw a site, kit.co, that makes it easy to organize recommendations. Here's an electric unicycle "kit" I set up just now: link. Is there a reason more people aren't using tools like this? I see some people sharing a bunch of links under their youtube videos, which seems like a poor man's version.


This stuff reminds me of programmers sharing their dotfiles (computer config files). Those files can get pretty complex and extravagant for programmers, so it's useful to share them, and it's kind of fun to be able to look and see how other programmers set up their computers.

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It fills a niche!  Very nice to see the cohesive ensemble.  I wonder about the directional signals... the rear-facing left- or right-arrow signal "obviously" invites motorists to overtake on the left or right.  By our location in their lane, they would immediately understand that it wasn't a turn signal.  It follows the grand tradition of the chevron arrows signaled by slow construction equipment.  But that equipment does not also project the same signal to the front.  In the dark, mightn't oncoming traffic interpret it as our intention to turn left or right?

P.S. Are those knee pads intended to be worn over clothing or do the instructions say they need to clamp onto your knee directly?

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That interpretation of the LEDs hadn't occurred to me. I think most people interpret it as a turn signal (from both front and back). I know some other riders use it and I haven't heard of it causing confusion. But I like to use bicycle hand signals too so the meaning should be overwhelmingly clear.

The kneepads are fine over clothes. A bunch of people have pointed out that that style of kneepad can slide around during a crash, so I should probably get nicer ones, especially if I get a faster wheel. Or motorcycle pants, I guess.

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