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Inmotion V8f blown fuse help?

Kennedy Moore

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I’m not sure where it is now I looked for it for you but…if your v8 will not turn on at all and when you plug it in it still charges it’s probably the fuse.. search “euco V8f disassembly” just follow the steps to open the side with the motherboard check fuse if it’s blown you will have to solder it out and solder a new one in and should do the trick.

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I have the VAS I’m a new rider was riding especially hard off-road the other day and lost all power and went for a ride doing my homework breaking it down I noticed a fuse is blown failed to notice it was Saturday and I’ll call you didn’t damage anything as I pulled it out with pliers question is how do you install the new one and why would it just blow getting hot? Also I’m in Daytona as well we should get together thank you 


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