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  1. Looking for honeycomb pedals for exn and a used set of power pads/jump pads (Clark pads)
  2. Have you opened it up and checked the fuse out?I would start there.
  3. Man it looks like I will be waiting till next year to get my v12..I’m a 2nd batch pre order from euco.but no one seems to know when they will release batch 2…#sadface
  4. Does anyone know if inmotion is pumping out v12 or waiting on parts? I just preordered and been informed I’m on batch 2 just wondering if anyone has the inside scoop lol
  5. I’m not sure where it is now I looked for it for you but…if your v8 will not turn on at all and when you plug it in it still charges it’s probably the fuse.. search “euco V8f disassembly” just follow the steps to open the side with the motherboard check fuse if it’s blown you will have to solder it out and solder a new one in and should do the trick.
  6. Lucky? First time i heard that for first batches? But idk (*=*)
  7. And everyone was mad at you because they thought you did it without permission lol
  8. Does this have the led screen and black motherboard?
  9. Update.... found a Russian video how to and unsolder the fuse and soldered a new one in and now it’s working just fine.
  10. Well it was bound to happen I blown My fuse.My question is can somebody give me some advice or possibly just a how to,and what I should expect on replacing the fuse thanks in advance.
  11. I was debating on the rs ht or hs but now am leaning towards the inmotion v12 I hope I made the right decision lol
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