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  1. And everyone was mad at you because they thought you did it without permission lol
  2. Does this have the led screen and black motherboard?
  3. Update.... found a Russian video how to and unsolder the fuse and soldered a new one in and now it’s working just fine.
  4. Well it was bound to happen I blown My fuse.My question is can somebody give me some advice or possibly just a how to,and what I should expect on replacing the fuse thanks in advance.
  5. I was debating on the rs ht or hs but now am leaning towards the inmotion v12 I hope I made the right decision lol
  6. It I just don’t want to wait out the 1st batch issues lol. And where is the official release??!!??
  7. When I go on longer rides I like to drop it down to 70% helps me to fight foot fatigue. On off-road mode I noticed it’s mor response on the throttle and break and on commuter mode it’s more smooth. I’m 220lbs and I ride my V8f like I stole it on mtb trails and on the streets. I can cruise at 20 mph long distances.(few miles) as long as there is no head wind it won’t overpower the wheel and give me that extreme tilt back. If you are riding around just chillin Commuter mode is good.If you’re going off-road or doing tight turns and more technical tricks off-road is your friend.
  8. Thank you guys so much! I snagged a brand new mc jacket with lv1 padding from fb market place. I went to my local cycle gear and they have the d30 jacket inserts. very flexible but when I punched it to my surprise it hardened! Pretty cool stuff and @Newell.Livethey had the titan pro knee pads there I was about to buy them but wis wondering if they feel to heavy and do they slide down? Thanks in advance.
  9. Check of the unicycle marketplace on fb I know of someone that has one in Orlando
  10. Yeah I used to skateboard and would allways slide down the vert ramps and bowls. Sounds like I might be able to try it the leatt brand has som form of it in a hybrid for elbow pads I’m thinking about getting. But for now just stick to tsg dhp downhill pads that I have been eyeing. Thank you guys!
  11. And does it slide like a hard cap knee pad I have seen some nice looking pads but not to sure if it will work at high speeds against Asphalt
  12. Did anyone have a used v11 that wheel is hard to find used??
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