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  1. I’m in Daytona beach let’s ride one day?
  2. Man I wish we had one here in Florida
  3. It’s funny that the original owner of this wheel made a video about Seeing it for sale on here lol
  4. When did you purchase this? If you don’t mind me asking.
  5. I have I V8f I am getting ready to let go just passed 300 miles
  6. I am also trying to pm about a sale I have not been active on the site for quite some time. But I promise I’m not a bot...or is that what all bots say lol
  7. Yes I tried replacing the fuses and it turned back on but only for a minute or two I did not try it with the 40a fuses tho only the 30a but I don't think that would even matter....I am interested in your kingsong 14d but I just took a loss on this one so if you still have it in a few weeks I'll take it from you I live in Florida as well daytona beach so I can possibly pick it up from you can you please message me
  8. I'm not quite sure how it blew I was just riding it when it happened...broke my pinkey in the process tho
  9. 14c I just bought this and it blew a fuse and now I can not get it to turn on...the battery is perfect still charges and it's the 640wh and 800w king so g 14c the lights and the bluetooth still turn on...I'm not sure what wrong with it can be easy fix for someone who knows how to work on this or for anyone who needs the spare parts ...150$
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