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Unexpected severe tiltback on v8f


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Went on my usual 2 mile commute ride to work everything seemed normal on the ride. On a side street I had to slow down to a crawl to wait for a car backing out of a driveway. Had to linger there at a very slow speed for about 10 seconds before I realized this car was basically parking in the middle of the road to look at his phone or something. I sped up to normal speed to go around them and after about 100 feet or so I hear my normal speed beeps and get the normal tiltback so i slowed down a little. All pretty routine. Problem is the tilt didn't stop it kept going farther and farther back over the the next few seconds. Did my best to slow down as much as I could but with the wheel at such a harsh angle I lost controll of it before I could slow to a full stop and it just tipped me backwards onto my butt.

The only other time my wheel has tilted back farther than normal was at the top of a long hill that I probably climbed a little too fast or something so I'm assuming it has something to do with using too much power. The time on the hill though the angle was still far less than what it was this time. It got to what felt like 40ish degrees before I lost controll of it so it may have tried going farther if it hadn't fallen over.

Its weird though because I go from full stop to speed beeps in shorter distances quite frequently and never had this happen like that before.

I'm not hurt or anything just a lil dusty and curious what happened so I can maybe keep it from happening again in the future. I'll probably be taking my ride home a bit gentler than usual just in case. 

Potentially important info:

  • I've got my speed beeps and tilt back set to start at 18mph to keep me firmly away from the top/cut-out speeds
  • this was on a smooth road with no noticeable incline
  • It was about 85 degrees out
  • Battery at 80ish% at the time. Charged yesterday or the day before
  • I'm about 140-150 with all my gear and such on.
  • This was toward the end of a 2 mile ride so it was warmed up not a cold start.
  • I had euc word running but the chart seems a bit inaccurate and seems to think my top riding speed is never much over 11mph but I'll add a pic of the chunk where the crash happened


first dip was slowdown for the car. Huge amp spike was when I passed the car I assume. That rocky full stop was the fall 

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That should be fine.  strange behavior.  100 is just fine and should not have caused tiltback.  You were no where close to the margins as far as i can tell.  Do you own a small furry mogwai that you fed after midnight?

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