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  1. I learned on the Mten3. It is definitely easy to learn the riding part but it is horrible for learning to start and stop. I never did learn to mount it like you do with any other wheel. If you mount a larger wheel with the proper balance you can glide for a while without placing your 2nd foot on. The Mten you have to sort of hop at the 2nd foot placement and if you miss you will likely get a chunk taken out of your ankle before it runs out of death spin. Every wheel has its positives and negatives for learning. I think If I had to start over i would have learned on a tesla or V10.
  2. I hear that. My S18 beeps forlornly every time I bring it up to speed because it heard i have a pre-order in.
  3. That should be fine. strange behavior. 100 is just fine and should not have caused tiltback. You were no where close to the margins as far as i can tell. Do you own a small furry mogwai that you fed after midnight?
  4. Did you log your temperature? it could be the stall and then acceleration got the temp up if your fan is acting wonky.
  5. I have the k66 80/80 on my S18 and I agree its an amazing all season tire. There are a few street tires with a smoother turn profile but after a few miles I was totally used to the extra nimbleness and throw myself into turns with abandon. I would guess he chose the 80/90 because it adds a bit of tire height and keeps a similar tire circumference to his stock. Without that height he would lose a little overall top speed. I wanted a little more torque on the S18 so i was completely ok with the 80/80 being a little smaller.
  6. Update from Ewheels on V12 preorders: Cost is $2199 and first shipment should be in the US in 5-6 weeks (so end of june).
  7. I am at about 1800 miles on my S18. The one thing you said that I agree with is the curve design was a miss. It does not fit me and it makes it harder to attach pads to make the s18 fit. That said, once you do fit pads most of what you said goes away. I can accelerate and brake just fine and feel plenty safe above 22mph. I spent months bouncing 31 trying to keep up with Sherman's. I have never cut out from speed. I will say that above 25 i don't slam the wheel forward to accelerate. A feathered approach keeps me safe. I would imagine that a lighter person than me could take the wheel
  8. Do you mean the CST 1488 18 x 3.0? it isn't actually 3" more like 2.75 but it fits my s18 with room.
  9. Every wheel claims that the range is 4 times what you can actually do but that’s ok? I’m fine if you say bad things about INMOTION or any company but do it from a place of fact and experience. You haven’t ridden this wheel yet you want to argue against its viability as an option. I am cautiously optimistic from the little bit of real testimony by someone that actually rode the wheel. Every company makes radical claims about the performance of their wheels and if pressed can justify the unrealistic conditions that allow it. I prefer actual capabilities to sales bullshit and so far the V12
  10. So you don't own a Nikola (at least your flair says you don't). This would indicate that a high speed 16 inch wheel is not a wheel that you are interested in. Obviously a safer version of that same high speed wheel would not be interesting to you. It seems silly that you are defending the not a Nikola killer position so adamantly when you aren't even an owner. I would think anyone would want their wheels to be more waterproof and less likely to cut out because you didn't hear beeps. So what that the theoretical speed of 43 is a myth. Even if it ONLY goes as fast as the Nikola, the added sa
  11. It has the tiniest little beeper that dangles off the underside of the board. Its beeping as loud as its little button sized body allows.
  12. That looks like a great tool to tell us if there is actually any difference between the various ways of filling the chambers but how much of an effect may be skewed. With that attached you will be adding volume to a very small chamber. Any differences between the methods will be reduced I would think. I also would be careful about riding the wheel with it attached as I would assume that it would change the shock characteristics. Let us know if it feels wonky.
  13. yes twitter. hopefully you will have some good news soon?
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