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Inmotion V18. (V10+V8), project failed. (V8 in a V10 body/960Whr battery)


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I have about 8 inmotion unicycle most of them working so we have been experimenting a bit..... we though what if we just put a V8 controller and a V8 motor in a V10 body/battery...

The V10's 2Kw motor is a pig, heavy, 72V, instead of the V8's 60V (overdriven to 84V), more manouverable, 1.95" tires, onger battery best of both worlds....

All looked good except that the L-Columns on the V10 a wider.... than the L-Columns of the V8, so the mounting holes are different. The V8 can't fill the whole. The ABS around the L-Column is very weak even though later versions they reinforce them, they tend to break there, so the experiment won't work.

So Inmotion have made it all very difficult, can't parts around:

V8 controller in V5 doesn't work.

V10F doesn't like the V10 motor

V5, V8, V10 have different BMS's, the controller will reject the BMS of other brands.... Having said that my friend was driving a V10 with GT16 battery (40 cell only)...


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