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Inmotion V5F upgraded to 444Whr with Sony VTC6 batteries - recommended.


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The V5/D/F are pain to work in, not as bad as the V10 but thei IPx5 water proofing means they have millions of screwed to put them together.

I also found the dust and water can get into the battery compartment. The original heat shrink tube is made of 3 pieces instead of 1 so there are chances that dust / water can get in there, they should make it of one single piece.

The V5F original had 20A batteries, 2150mha but I changed them for Sony VTC6 20A 3000Mha....

The result is a unicycle that is so fluid, so responsive, it does anything you can imagine, doing 180 turns on the stop it easy, tricks what ever. You want to trash it it accelerates silently and effortly to the top speed without effort. It feels super smooth.

I have put V8F pedals on it, so it is comfy..... going to change the capacitors for slightly bigger ones.

We probably should do a kick starter to crack that firmware and remove the tilt back, if it could do 30km/hr it would probably be safer and better.

If there is interest I can post some photos.

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