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1500km Review On My V10F :D


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Thanks, really interesting video. I just received my first EUC, the V5F, two days ago. I'm sure much of what you said about its big brother also applies to V5F.

I think this is the part you're looking for: https://oneride.eu/inmotion/62-V10_push_rod_buckle.html, I noticed it when looking for the V5F. It may not be reasonable to ship it to Canada from Latvia. Maybe if the part is small enough to be sent as a letter it wouldn't cost too much. 3D printing a replacement should also be quite easy.


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Have to disagree with the V10F not doing anything particularly well. What I found with it was that it was a great platform for a new rider as it was so civilized in its responses which made it very predictable. It did not behave like a jerky jet pack or heavy truck under you. Definitely agree that Immotion is among the best in engineering and construction. I didn't know that about the custom audio file accommodation, that is neat. Spray a little lithium grease into the handle hinge. :)

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I have had the same issue with going up hill at a high speed, I have to get off and press the handle switch. Bit annoying but obviously for safety.

Great video thanks, what app do you use, I have used the inmotion app and then tried the EUC world app. I have lost lots of trips recordings on the apps.

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